Canify AS and Bavaria Weed merge to form Canify AG

Bavaria Weed and Canify merge to Canify AG

On May 19, 2022, the German company Bavaria Weed GmbH, which is based in Herrsching, and the Danish company Canify AS, which is based in Give, announced their merger. Under the name Canify AG, the company plans to import medical cannabis from Denmark to Germany.cht nur aus Sicht der Rechtssicherheit gibt es aktuell mehr Fragen als Antworten zum Weg der Legalisierung von Freizeitcannabis.

  • The two cannabis players Canify AS and Bavaria Weed merge to form Canify AG.
  • The initial public offering of Canify AG is planned for 2023.
  • Cultivation of medicinal cannabis will take place in Denmark in compliance with the highest quality standards.
  • Import of medical cannabis to Germany by Canify AG.

Seulki Qvist, Group Marketing Manager of Canify AG

Canify AS is currently building a pharmaceutical cannabis production facility in Denmark according to the highest quality standards. This will make Canify AS a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis products. They will be able to supply patients throughout Europe with medical cannabis. The company’s mission is to provide patients with high-quality medical cannabis. Therefore, Canify AS operates according to the European GACP and GMP guidelines and is committed to sustainability and transparency. Furthermore, Canify AS has started a clinic network which has already opened the first clinic in Ludwigshafen to provide patients with access to cannabis treatment. This is to gain a deeper understanding in order to develop individual therapies in the future.

To implement its strategic goals, Canify AS has now merged with Bavaria Weed GmbH, one of the first German pharmaceutical companies with a license for unlimited production, importation, and packaging of cannabis raw materials.

The merger to form Munich-based Canify AG is the logical response to the growing demand for high-quality pharmaceutical-grade cannabis. Through Canify AG it is possible to offer a fully integrated value chain to become one of the leading European market leaders in the supply of high-quality medical products. Canify has extensive inventory to meet the high market demand for high quality medical cannabis and is currently producing market goods. The market release will take place in mid-July.

Canify AG benefits from the expertise of two major cannabis companies. Thus, the merger also offers an enormous change for patient care in Germany. Because doctors and patients will get even better access to cannabis in pharmaceutical quality,” says Andreas Hummer, CEO of Canify AG.

Under the leadership of Andreas Hummer, Canify AG is currently actively preparing for an IPO in 2023.  The last private placement before the IPO is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2022.

About Canify AS

The Denmark-based Canify AS provides cannabinoid-based medical solutions for patients and sets standards in terms of quality, production capacity, delivery time and clinical services. In doing so, the company works at the forefront of medical research, clinical application and manufacturing of high-quality pharmaceutical products. Currently, Canify is building a high-end pharmaceutical production facility in Give, where cannabinoid medicines are manufactured from cultivation, processing and extraction to distribution to pharmacies.

About Bavaria Weed GmbH

Bavaria Weed GmbH is one of the first pharmaceutical companies with a manufacturing license for unlimited import, packaging and market release of cannabis raw materials in the European Union. Due to its in-house production, the company is able to purchase cannabis agricultural raw materials from approved producers in large quantities, store them almost indefinitely and package them as active ingredients and/or medicinal products and release them on the European market under its own or third-party labels.