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Cannabis Europa powered by Prohibition Partners

Prohibition Partners is a market intelligence and strategic consultancy firm focused on the global cannabis industry. They are the organizers of the Cannabis Europa conference and have a strong reputation for providing in-depth analysis and insights into the cannabis market. Prohibition Partners aims to help businesses and policymakers navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of the cannabis industry through their research, reports, and events such as Cannabis Europa. Their expertise and thought leadership in the industry make them a valuable resource for anyone looking to better understand the current and future state of the cannabis market.

Cannabis Europa is a conference focused on the medical cannabis industry in Europe. The conference aims to bring together leaders in science, policy, and business to share knowledge and shape the future of the industry in Europe. As there is no universal model for cannabis regulation, Europe has the opportunity to take a global leadership position in this field. Attending this conference provide attendees with access to influential and forward-thinking figures in the industry and the chance to gain insights and innovations that can help develop a successful and patient-focused sector.