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J&K Consulting

J&K Consulting, which emerged from Josteit, Herten & Partner GmbH (founded in 1992), has been managed by Rainer Krüger since 2009 and specializes in the regulated industry in the areas of cGxP compliance service, quality by design, PAT consulting and business excellence.

J&K Consulting is a competent and experienced partner for

  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Process-based risk management
  • Quality management
  • Project management
  • Digital engineering

Especially in the area of ​​medical cannabis, the implementation of GACP and GMP approaches is multi-layered and complex in their implementation. As a long-term partner of research and manufacturing pharmaceutical companies, we understand the tasks involved:

  • Process development and optimization
  • Know-how development and transfer
  • Time and cost overview
  • Bridging resource bottlenecks

J&K Consulting can clarify all GACP and GMP-relevant organizational questions in a targeted manner and set up an agile service for project planning.

CVal, the object-based software from J&K Technology GmbH, enables comprehensive, paperless qualification and validation of processes, systems and locations – all combined in one application. Thanks to the object-based system, you always have an overview of all relevant documents, attachments, interfaces and the mutual relationships and dependencies of the individual elements of the project.

Contact Person: Rainer Krüger

Number of Employees: 30specific