Canify AG

Gewerbestraße 11,
Herrsching 82211

Phone: +49 89 919 293 31

Canify AG

Canify AG is a licensed pharmaceutical company from Germany specializing in the development and production of high-quality medical cannabis products. Our products are based on scientific data, high-end technology, and an ambition to help patients. Our service makes the Canna-Biz very easy and comfortable for pharmacies and wholesalers. We offer cannabinoid-based medical solutions also for 3rd party collaborators, setting standards in terms of quality, production capacity and delivery time.

With our manufacturing excellence we do our part by ensuring product quality of the highest standard according to European GACP and GMP guidelines, which means transparency and traceability from the grow room to the patient. For more information, please visit or

Canify Clinics is a subsidiary of Canify Pharma, providing medical cannabis treatment to patients. Their experienced medical professionals offer personalized care, consultations, treatment plans, and ongoing support. They are committed to providing safe, effective, and affordable medical cannabis treatment to improve patients’ lives. For more information, visit or contact Canify on LinkedIn (99+) Canify AG: Übersicht | LinkedIn