The use of medical cannabis has a very high potential – both therapeutically and economically – and it has become one of the most important economic topics in recent years. More and more countries, also in Europe, not only allow the cultivation and use of cannabis for medical purposes, but also actively promote it. But, what makes this topic so relevant, and why is it so essential to found a European association?

What can be seen behind the strategies and approaches for the production of medicinal cannabis is not conducive to the “enormous” pharmaceutical potential. The delta between potential and lived production practice is enormous and is further negatively reinforced by heterogeneous regulatory requirements. Throughout the last years, we confront such a complex and confusing market, that even with our experience of six years in the area of medicinal cannabis it is challenging to maintain a balanced overview.

The potential and hope for a sustainable “green” miracle substance does not only inspire investors. It is going to be a walk on a tightrope to balance the conflicting goals of stakeholders and the resulting demand for a strong European cannabis association (ECA).

The ECA wants to address exactly this area and offer support in the areas of consulting and development of standards for the production of medicinal cannabis.

However, this brings with it a number of challenges which have to be addressed by the companies themselves as well as at a regulatory level:

  • Strongly fluctuating product qualities, caused by insufficient standardization and specifications for reproducible processes
  • Lack of consideration of essential standards and scientific approaches already in early planning phases
  • Non-compliance with the principles of good manufacturing practice based on the current state of science and technology (cGxP)
  • Risk that companies may not be able to produce or place the harvest on the market despite the issue of a cultivation license.
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  • We inform our members about the current framework conditions in the field of medical cannabis.
  • We stay in contact with and influence on policy makers and regulatory bodies with the aim of achieving appropriate framework conditions.
  • We represent the European medical cannabis industry in an international environment.
  • We develop and support international networks.
  • We organize and realize industry conferences.


In principle, ECA membership is open to all stakeholders along the medical cannabis value chain, whether they are large industries or small and medium-sized enterprises, including start-ups. These include in particular

– Producers, processors and distributors
– Equipment manufacturers and other suppliers
– Consultants, lawyers and investors

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The Quality Working Group focuses on the development of standard processes and their assurance. The aim of the working group is to develop best practice guideline that create robust processes and ensure reproducible product quality.


Group Leader: Rainer Krüger who is CEO of J+K Group and our expert for Clarification of all GACP- and GMP-relevant organizational issues and establishment of agile markups for your project planning as an experienced partner of the pharmaceutical and MedCan industry


The Regulatory Working Group focuses on the development of harmonized regulations regarding the import, export and distribution of medical cannabis and their assurance on the European Union. The aim of the working group is to develop uniform laws and guidelines that ensure and standardize the marketability of medical cannabis products in the European Union.


Group Leader: Peter Homberg , who is partner at DENTONS, there leader of the European Cannabis Industry Group and our proven expert for legal advice 


The Compliance Working Group focuses on the development of a framework ensuring a trusting and legally secure collaboration of the Cannabis Industry with healthcare professionals, public officials and other stakeholders. The aim of the working group is to develop a Code of Conduct that ensures compliance with the law and ethical standards, a Compliance Training program for ECA members and to give a room for discussion of the current developments, requirements and trends in the compliance area.

Group Leader: Ann-Kristin Cahnbley, Partner at DENTONS, White Collar Crime & Compliance, who has extensive experience in advising on compliance questions in the life sciences sector.




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