Global Cannabis Award for Influential Advocacy in European Cannabis Industry

We are proud to announce that the ECA has received the Global Cannabis Award from CannaPortugal for its achievements in representing the European Cannabis Industry before the various European authorities. The ECA takes this award as a further motivation to intensify its efforts to lobby and influence the various political discussions in Bruxelles surrounding the harmonization processes on a European level.

The award recognizes the ECA for its effective advocacy of the European cannabis industry before influential European authorities. The award underlines ECA’s commitment to actively shaping and influencing policy discussions at the European level.

CannaPortugal, an international cannabis industry organizer, recognized the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping the regulatory landscape. As an organisation in the cannabis industry, they play a crucial role in promoting awareness, innovation and collaboration.
Industry-wide collaboration has a positive impact on the growth and acceptance of cannabis worldwide. CannaPortugal and the ECA are therefore working together to promote an inclusive and harmonized approach to cannabis regulation across Europe.

The ECA thanks CannaPortugal for this award and remains committed to its mission of bringing positive change to the European cannabis sector. The association will continue to work with organizations and stakeholders from across the industry to promote a thriving and responsible cannabis ecosystem in Europe.