Cannabis Europa: ECA to Attend as Exhibitor and Media Partner of Prohibition Partners

The European Cannabis Association is pleased to announce its attendance as an exhibitor and media partner of Prohibition Partners at Cannabis Europa, Europe’s leading conference series for the medical cannabis industry. The conference will take place on May 2nd and 3rd in London, United Kingdom.

The ECA is an organization that seeks active members to help bring about change in the current cannabis regulation in Europe, with a focus on standardization and harmonization. The goal is to ensure that every patient in Europe and worldwide has access to high-quality medical cannabis products that are produced reproducibly with proven efficacy and safety.

At Cannabis Europa, we will showcase our commitment to advancing the cannabis industry in Europe and meeting with stakeholders, investors, and experts to discuss the latest developments and explore opportunities for collaboration.

As a media partner of Prohibition Partners, the ECA will also support the conference and its discussions on the current state of the cannabis industry in Europe.

We welcome anyone who shares our mission and goals to join as an active member and help bring about change in the current cannabis regulation in Europe.

We want to expand our network and meet future members with the same goals and focus. We intend to explore this market from the perspective of different stakeholders in this industry and are therefore looking for your experience and expertise.