CDMO Excellence in Phytocannabinoid Products

CB21 Pharma Ltd announces that it entered a global strategic collaboration to combine its leading expertise and clinical research program in phytocannabinoids with world-class pharmaceutical strategic consulting and business development services of NorthStar Corporate Finance Ltd and Krüger Beteiligungs GmbH, forming a new company called CB21 R&D.

by Jan Storch and David Wolfe, Directors CB21 R&D

CB21 R&D is a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) developing treatments for medical pathologies based on standardized refined cannabis extracts produced from cGMP medical cannabis strains, while applying science and principles of evidence-based medicine for final pharmaceutical products. Nonregulated hemp products containing cannabinoids are used by the public for various reasons and are commonly perceived to provide medical benefits, especially regarding pain relief, anxiety, and sleeping disorders. By conducting preclinical and clinical trials, CB21 R&D is focusing on finding conclusive data regarding successful targeting of health concerns using cannabinoids.

R&D network

CB21 R&D’s mission is to help produce pharmaceutical drugs using natural ingredients extracted from the cannabis plants to supplement or substitute chemical pharmaceutical drugs, especially those with harmful side effects including addiction. It partners with the University of Aachen, the University of Freiburg, the University of Olomouc, the University of Brno, Nedcann Severna DOOEL and its share- holder J&K Consulting to support such research. The parent company CB21 Pharma has already successfully de eloped and registered medical devices and cosmetics using cannabis active ingredients. It is considered one of the most experienced and regulatory advanced EU companies for CBD (Cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids while producing all cannabinoid raw materials in-house, employing EU-GMP Part II compliant processes.

To translate research into practical applications, CB21 R&D has a cooperation agreement with the genetics laboratory at the cultivation centre at Nedcann, a producer of medicinal cannabis dried flowers. Nedcann holds Global GACP and EU-GMP certifications, em- bodying 33,000 m2 of flowering rooms and laboratory facilities. The found- ers have archived over 25 years of data from the recreational market in the Netherlands.

Due to the ease of controlling chem- ical production as opposed to biological production, pharmaceutical companies have been reluctant to invest in medicinal cannabis. The process of cannabinoid pharmaceutical production, from the genetics and growth process to their cultivation and ex- traction, requires expert guidance and knowledge. It is necessary to pro- vide pharmaceutical companies with consistent and controlled ingredients and processes. CB21 R&D is a CDMO assisting pharmaceutical companies by providing research conclusive data within the phytopharmaceuticals, especially using phytocannabinoids.

Photo Credit: CB21 Pharma Ltd

First Published: European Biotechnology, Autumn 2022