Federal court of justice - Karlsruhe
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Federal Supreme Court decides on criminal liability of the sale of hemp tea…

…but misses the chance to set a clear course for the industry. In the past, there has been great uncertainty among buyers and consumers in Germany regarding the distribution of … Read More!
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Working Towards A Harmonized Regulatory Framework

Cannabis is medicine. That is a phrase that has always been true, yet was not always reflected in public policy. The cannabis plant was prohibited across the globe for many … Read More!
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Trading medicinal cannabis in Europe

The regulatory situation regarding the trade of medicinal cannabis currently varies enormously from country to country within the European Union. Unfortunately, there is still no full regulatory harmonization on a … Read More!
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German medical cannabis and cannabidiol market 2021

The market for cannabis and CBD products in Germany will initially start in 2021 relatively unchanged compared to the conditions at the end of last year. by Peter Homberg, dentons … Read More!
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An Outline of the German Medical Cannabis Market

The medical cannabis market has grown significantly in recent years. In Germany, the quantity of imported cannabis products has increased dramatically. In comparison to only 1.2 tons in 2017, German … Read More!
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Digital supported production of medical cannabis

A challenge whose success lies in efficient process management and digital development! The times of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 do not stop at the production of medical cannabis for the … Read More!
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European Cannabis Association: An essential step

Medical cannabis has become one of the most important economic topics in recent years! But, what makes this topic so relevant, and why is it so essential to found a … Read More!