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The Impact of Recreational Cannabis Countries in Europe

Europe is having a “Colorado” moment as the flipping of countries into the recreational column starts to have an effect. by Marguerite Arnold As of 2022, it is clear that … Read More!
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European Cannabis Summer Update

Spain, France, Denmark, and Greece have all implemented significant changes over the last months as North Macedonia yet again debates full normalization. by Marguerite Arnold If there is one thing … Read More!
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Insurance and the European Cannabis Industry

The entire insurance vertical is still leery of the industry – everywhere. However, this is beginning to change – and cannabis companies need to be aware of both liabilities and … Read More!
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Will European Sports Follow the Pro Cannabis Reform of The American NFL?

Last year the National Football League renegotiated its ten-year labour contract with players and included cannabis use for the first time. What is the future of cannabis sports meds in … Read More!
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Medical Reform in Europe As the Basis for Recreational Reform

The region is moving slowly to accept the medical efficacy of cannabis. What does this mean for the future of recreational reform as it begins to establish itself in Europe? … Read More!
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Cannabis as Economic Development Post Pandemic

The conversation about integrating cannabis into national and even regional economic development was well underway pre-Covid. It is only getting hotter – and in several key places. by Marguerite Arnold … Read More!
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Neue Chance für Cannabis

Die Erforschung der Hanfpflanze Cannabis sativa hat in den vergangenen Jahren einen enormen Aufschwung erfahren. Nach einer jahrzehntelangen Verbotsphase beginnen Forscher, Ärzte und Gesetzgeber, die Scheu vor einer der ältesten … Read More!
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Federal Supreme Court decides on criminal liability of the sale of hemp tea…

…but misses the chance to set a clear course for the industry. In the past, there has been great uncertainty among buyers and consumers in Germany regarding the distribution of … Read More!
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Working Towards A Harmonized Regulatory Framework

Cannabis is medicine. That is a phrase that has always been true, yet was not always reflected in public policy. The cannabis plant was prohibited across the globe for many … Read More!